Carol Ginandes Fine Arts

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      For me, creating photographs is a contemplative art - a cross between poetry and prayer. In general, I feel more moved to comment on beauty than on blight -whether in nature or in the human spirit. My photographs honor moments of transcendent appreciation of ordinary reality that is so blessed by the clarity of light and color that it seems heightened to a dream. Since I draw and paint and photograph, what is important to me is the integrity and impact of the visual statement itself - whether that be painting or photograph. I am less interested in the concrete representation of a specific site than I am in the emotions evoked by it, and in the artistic satisfaction with the final piece itself. Ever mindful of the magical interplay of the graphic elements that dance together in a satisfying visual statement, I carefully choose the composition, color saturation, hue, contrast, surface, emphasis and interpretation, plus a little grace that all meld together into the chosen artistic statement. Although these are depictions of reality, they may also be viewed as abstract works.

      I have spent many years mastering my craft - first in the black and white darkroom, then in the color darkroom, and now in the digital darkroom. I am dedicated to using the best and most archival materials so that the work will last for decades. My photographs printed on paper media are printed one at a time  in limited, signed editions and mounted on four- ply archival board hinged with linen tape. Recently, I have also been printing my work on canvas. The resulting crossover between painting and traditional photography meeting somewhere in- between is amusing and satisfying to me.

      On display here are selected images from my Outer Cape, New England, Western and South American Portfolios as well as the Infinity Triptychs. Like paintings, the photographs have been composed so as  to invite an emotional response and deep, repeated viewing over time.

     Portrait sittings are available in the New England area by appointment.To schedule, kindly contact me by phone or email.

     Many of the images displayed on the site are available for purchase. Prints are available in a variety of sizes printed on archival media (paper or canvas) , framed or unframed. Please call (617) 924-4093 and/or email .