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About My Images

As an art form, photography is deceptively simple. Most people think it entails the easy act of  “taking a picture” of the scene in front of them. This concept is reinforced by the thousands of images uploaded to social media every day by people who consider photography to be “a snap” -literally and figuratively.

I am not interested in “taking pictures”. For me, creating photographs involves a deliberate, intentional, artistic practice- a process I experience as being a cross between poetry and prayer. My intention is to “make” strong, visual images that are aesthetically and emotionally revealing over time.

In general, I feel more moved to comment on beauty than on blight -whether in nature or in the human spirit. My photographs honor moments of transcendent appreciation of an ordinary reality that is so blessed by the clarity of light and color that it seems heightened to a dream. I continue to be amazed at how photographs of objective reality, filtered through the lens of inner artistic reality, can become so unique and profound.

 I have spent many years mastering my craft - first in the black and white darkroom, then in the color darkroom, and now in the digital darkroom. I use deeply saturated colors to evoke the richness of the image. Considerations of hue, contrast, scale, placement, vantage point plus a little grace go into making the chosen artistic statement. I am aware of every part of the composition contained by the borders of the image; this enables my images to have a strong element of abstraction as well as, paradoxically, a heightened realism.

         My final images purposely hover at the intriguing intersection of painting and photography. I am accustomed to hearing viewers make the verbal slip referring to the images as paintings- until they pull back or go in closer to question what they are really looking at. More recently, I have been printing the images on canvas as the substrate; this serves to heighten the textural richness, and a purposeful confusion, as well as the sustained contemplation it invites.

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