Carol Ginandes Fine Arts


            For me, creating photographs is an intentional practice- a process that I experience as a cross between poetry and prayer. I am amazed at how ordinary, objective reality, filtered through the inner lens of artistic vision, can become extraordinary and profound. In these art works, the harmonious use of highly saturated colors, abstract compositions, and the aesthetics of physical presentation can invite the observer into an experience of sustained, contemplative viewing.                


            My images purposely hover at the mysterious intersection of painting and photography. This effect is particularly intriguing with my prints rendered on a canvas substrate.The richness of the color saturation , the texture of the canvas, and the purposeful framing all help raise the question.

            I find that  viewers sometimes make the verbal slip and refer to the images as "paintings"- until they look more deeply to discover what they are really looking at. This process of visual encounter may lead the viewer to perceive ordinary reality with new eyes and a sense of wonder.

             In general, I feel more moved to comment on beauty than on blight -whether in nature or in the human spirit. My photographs honor moments of transcendent appreciation of an ordinary reality so blessed by the clarity of light and color that it seems heightened to a dream.